Monday, March 31, 2008

interview 16

name..... Gregg Jose Alvarez

years riding.. 10

fav spot to ride.. admiral holland car park (without drunkards)

riding style.. mainly forwards, but also backwards.

plans for this year.. build my bmw. then use it to find some cool places to ride that inspire me to ride. ( editors note, mate you can ride to spiceball, its just round the corner from you??)

what inspires me to ride.. nice weather, good music, being happy but in need of a refreshing ride.

who inspires me?.. God. Emmalene. My parents. Anyone who is truly a good down to earth person.

describe local scene.. Banbury is amazing. something for everyone. Always changing and always something fresh to see.

Music.. lots of stuff. from nirvana to michael jackson. not too fond of dance or drum and bass though.

thanks.... God for inventing bmx. emmalene for being the best wife in the world. my parents for being rad. And anyone who has ridden with me and contributed to an amazing sessions.

Friday, March 28, 2008

interview 15

Name: Alex Leech

age: 37 in April

years riding. 26 in April

fav spot to ride. On my bike, it really doesn't matter what

riding style. Mini tech, but Im happy riding jumps, BMX tracks, Vert, it all counts.

plans for this year. To get on my bike more than once a month

what inspires you to ride. The feeling you get when you ride, and just after riding.

who inspires you? Anyone who is intusiastic and has a good time riding

describe your local scene. I don't get out much so I cant say.

music. My latest playlist includes Gorilla Biscuits, Millencolin, Chain of Strength, The Cure, Anthrax, Huey Lewis and the News, Goldfinger ….

what you at when not riding. Family; wife and 2 small sons. Work; most of the days. Building up old S&M bikes from the 90s.

thanks to anyone? Ian, Sunil and Ray for keepin on keepin on.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

interview 14

sunil.. aka.. s boy, s man etc etc

age.. 38

years riding.. dunno since I was thirteen, so 25 or so, not continuously mind

fav spot to ride.. absolutely fuckin anywhere with friends

riding style.. currently I'm into the art of riding without actually doing any tricks, just fast and flowing and loose...

plans for this year.. ride as often as possible and learn something new

what inspires you to ride.. watchin some loose caboose flowing down the spline on the dime etc

who inspires you?.. joe rich and

describe your local scene.. . oxford rocks, the vibe from the mons ramp scene of the 80's still lives on, it doesnt matter what you ride only that you ride with a smile on your face

music.. devo, minutemen, minor threat, quicksand and of course SLINT

what you at when not riding.. making photographs and spending time with loved ones

thanks to anyone? Bob Haro and Sarah Jane Nichols

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

interview 13

Chaz Mann.. aka.. annoying little prick who shags fat birds and likes it!!!

age.. 21

years riding.. about 8 years, only the past 4 1/2 on bmx though

fav spot to ride.. any dialled trails, Chertsey, Brighouse, Winchester, the list is long. Slades Farm, standard, my favourite park ever. Banbury can be good at times, when there is a good crowd hanging and nice weather. The worst spots can be the best ones with a group of sickheads.

Riding style.. fast as possible! Just pull up, do the odd trick, nibble wierd moves when at parks. Just pumping and pulling up and going real fast, with the sound of the freewheel clicking and tires buzzing on smooth packed dirt. Nothing beats summer days in the woods, no chance of a better feeling on a bike in my eyes.

plans for this year.. get the woods fully dialled in, move to Oxford with three of the nicest people I know, travel most weekends, learn to cook better, go out with a model, party hard, go visit some French woods, get a sweet job that I enjoy, spend too much money on petrol, learn a foreign language, drink myself into liking red wine.

what inspires you to ride.. people who dig fun trails, good videos of fast riding with fitting music, English riders who kill it, sunny days, riding in shorts,

who inspires you?.. trail bosses, people who love riding, anyone that loves riding as much away from civilization's eye as much as they do in front of an impressionable crowd. As for riders, Scott Edgworth, BF, Stauffer and Will Hermann are the first ones who always come to mind.

describe your local scene.. where do I start! BANBURY; rad kids, young shredders, ghetto rats, slags, eceltic mix of characters, heckling, laughter. BOURNEMOUTH; golden clay pits, abundance of spots, wild party times, masses of locals, sweet bike shops. OXFORD; soon to be the local, trails scene.

music.. Random artists at the moment - Braintax's new album, the Cure, Rolling Stones, Winehouse, Dubbledge, Regina Spektor, old Public Enemy, Smiths, Mighty Boosh music, Oasis.

what you at when not riding... digging at the trails, being a drunken zombie mess rambling incoherent sentances, watching amusing stuff on TV/net, listening to music, reading books whenever I can, shooting pictures of anything that takes my interest, generally making sure I have fun full time.

thanks to anyone.. definitely my parents for taking me so many places when I was younger. My Dad always fixed my bike when I was to spasticated which was mint. The people who started Hornton Hill and kept it running in the red for so long. Anyone that's ever given me a lift to a spot, dialled my bike (especially the brake!), trail builders for letting me case their sets and building such awesome places by hand straight outta the earth. The many people that let me sleep on their floors, make me toast in the morning and give me duvets to sleep on. Inspirational musicians.

interview 12

Name.. Mike Westlake aka The Westlake Show haha

age.. 20(??) yrs young

years riding.. 5 ..I think?? ( editors note.. you started when you were 81yrs old)

fav spot to ride.. Wherever my friends are.

Riding style.. Mix of Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon

plans for this year.. Woodward, BMX Masterbators and to not get injured and have fun and try and get up to scotland.

what inspires you to ride.. COMPS, Money, Chicks. haha trying to catch up with Ray

who inspires you?.. Nearly everyone around me.

describe your local scene.. I have two local scenes and they are both amazing. Everyone ast Banbury is really cool and its good to go somewhere where they dont care about the latest fashion (e.g. Ray's style( editors note, clothing or riding?)..) hahahaha, just kidding (you can leave that out if you like.)

music.. depends what i am doing but anything that sounds good

what you at when not riding.. working!

thanks to anyone.. Ray

interview 11

Eddie Chaffe
22 lucky years old.
Riding for 11 years both MTB and BMX.

fav spot to ride.. "The Dream" at Sheffield. Cool dirt jumps and amazing race track.

Riding style.. I like to pedal, go high and long in any style that gets the job done weather it looks controlled or not, landing smoothly or hard. Composure is the key. BOSH!

plans for this year.. Drink less and be up early everyday, ride more, visit all my friends and go on many fun holidays and make more things happen for myself.
Ride more race tracks and hopefully do well in some regional races. But maybe out for a while as a knee op is in the balance hopefully, because having a few problems riding, less of the road running races me thinks lol.

what inspires you to ride.. First of all, the sunshine! Nice pretty girls watching! Old photos and memories, and when my friends are riding well.

who inspires you?.. My Granddad. My friends, the ones who ride BMX, the ones who ride MTB and some that don't ride at all.

describe your local scene.. I think that the our local scene is really amazing, Everyone supports each other and give probs when someone does something they are pleased with even though there are a wide range of talent in the scene but this adds to the character of the group and I know everyone is happy where they’re at in BMX.
Also I think we have a great park which is only there due to the work of the skate park users, and apart from riding each is willing to help each other out, and also most of the riders are great to party with.

music.. Any live music event with a stage that I can get naked on. Too many bands to list, My friends bands and DJ sets.
Anything to get me going to get loose to and chill out stuff aswell.

what you at when not riding.. International man of mystery fighting off evil aliens to save humanity for everyone but I’ve handed in my resignation and leave the job on Thursday. Sleeping, eating, well into cooking at the moment and try cooking something new most nights, Working to pay the bills, Socialising. Running and reading. Im happy with life.

thanks to anyone.. I have a lot of gratitude for various people and they know who they are, they are the friends who I speak to all the time. I appreciate what anyone does for me and take no one for granted.

interview 10

Richy P aka Rambo

age.. 17

years riding.. probably about 3 years park then a couple of years trails and hornton hill before that!

fav spot to ride.. Banbury or Gus's Barn!

Riding style.. bit of everything really! not too many tricks..

plans for this year.. finsih my a-levels, get earning for my gap year! then travel my tits off and ride as much as possible!!!

what inspires you to ride.. Mates, good weather and getting out of the house!

who inspires you?.. hot girls... and chaz makes me do things alot and took me places when i couldnt drive. Gus aswell when hes here! plus all the Banbury boys of course!

describe your local scene.. rad. too many rats though.

music.. anything and everything! Uk hip hop for street, anything for park and trails!

what you at when not riding.. checking myspace, partying or hustling.

thanks to anyone.. the Banbury lot for accepting me when i was a wee nipper!

peace out!

interview 9

angus... aka gus..

age.. 17

years riding..I started off racing about 4 years ago.

fav spot to ride.. home trails, banbury park

Riding style.. Fast, flow, racey with not too many tricks

plans for this year.. travel to more spots and get confident on my bmx again after my knee surgery

what inspires you to ride.. friends, good spots, weather, BMX dvds

who inspires you?.. Garrett Byrnes, Alex Dick and the banbury riders

describe your local scene.. I have missed it! The Banbury scene is chill and wild at the same time, there is always some dude throwing the abuse and another shredding hard, awesome riding atmosphere!

music.. mainly the old classics, Led, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Slayer and anything else that i like the sound of.

what you at when not riding..Im usually doing school work or at physio theraphy, haha, great times! I try and party as much as i can too!

thanks to anyone.. My family and friends for being behind me all the time.

interview 8

Craig mcgill.. aka Ripa

age.. 19

years riding.. 5years

fav spot to ride.. epic, banbury, redditch

Riding style.. riding any good park and trails just flowing and doing tricks 

plans for this year.. travel allot more enter more comps 

what inspires you to ride.. bmx dvds, music, my good mates

who inspires you?.. Sergio layos, harry main and ray smith

describe your local scene.. umm I don’t really have a local scene but I class banbury as my local have to travel 19 miles but its good 
The riders there are good and I get on well with them

music.. everything apart from drum and bass!!

what you at when not riding..with my girlfriend or her mates, watching bmx dvds 

thanks to anyone.. my parents for supporting me, Ray smith for all he has done for me and harry main!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

interview 7

Ian.. aka wilco, wilma...

age.. 38

years riding.. Blimey... since 83-84... do the math.

fav spot to ride.. Local + anywhere the RAD guys meet up as it's always good vibe.

Riding style.. circa 1985-1995 ha!

plans for this year.. Make my bike even lighter (gay) ride more than once a week & learn some more nose-pick variations :-)

what inspires you to ride.. My bike, I just love riding it! going forward & backwards on my BMX, when your bike is totally how you want it, you will want to ride it more.. Also mid-skool video footage (I think most people know my thoughts on new-skool fashion riding) & my friends I ride with are always inspiration.

who inspires you?.. In no particular order:

Derren Bailey
Rick Moliterno
Alex Leech
Kevin Gutierrez
Rob Ridge
Ray Smith
Vic Murphy
Paul Osicka
Eddie Roman
Lee Sultimier
& anyone else with their own individual style of riding & doing something different.

describe your local scene.. Pretty good park, most of us get on great & despite not being what you might term 'a regular', from what I see, the guys there are always pushing their riding & having a laugh with it. Could do with a lot less hangers-on who think it's too cool to sit around on the decks getting fucked up on D&D...

music.. I'm currently indulging in my mission to buy every CD I've ever wanted to own as I've developed a little HiFi addiction. Latest purchases:

ET soundtrack
Sigur Ros
The For Carnation
The Beach Boys
I'm pretty varied musically, why limit yourself to one genre when there's a world of beautiful sounds out there!?

what you at when not riding.. working, listening to music (as above), movies, full time family life!

thanks to anyone.. My wife, my family, my friends, anyone who's ever helped me out & anyone else I've had fun on a BMX with, cheers! ;-)

interview 6

steve, sumner, steveo sumner bey!

age.. 20

years riding.. 3or 4 yrs.I think??(editors edit, come on bro tis been at least 5-6)

fav spot to ride.. banbury, and epic

Riding style.. i dunno really, like alot of limbless tricks

plans for this year.. get bk on me bike, and hang with the boys who got me into bmx in the first place

what inspires you to ride.. watching bmx vids, and watching ova people ride, learning new tricks, wich pushes u further to learn more

who inspires you?.. riders who live for bmx, tht ride everyday.

describe your local scene.. fuck, aint been there in ages, so wouldnt no at the min, probs the same as its always been, good lads with lil bikes

music.. punk. metal. ska. DnB

what you at when not riding..drinking, partying. going to gigs

thanks to anyone.. every 1 at the park for getting me in to bmx,

interview 5

Josh Belcher.. aka Yoshi, Joshy b, Salty.

age.. 21

years riding.. About 4 or 5
fav spot to ride.. Creation, but i love my home park.

Riding style.. Sketchy, i like to go high on stuf, unlike some of the kids at the park that just like to get high.

plans for this year.. Learn new tricks, meet new people, take some good photographs.

what inspires you to ride.. Watching a bmx dvd usually gives me the itch to go out and try something new, and watching some of the locals send it.

who inspires you?.. All of the riders out there that just enjoy nthe lifestyle and ride for the fun rather than the image.

describe your local scene.. Maybe one of the best scenes going, everyone is really nice, and gets on with each other. Ive been to alot of parks and none where the Bmxers the skaters and the bladers all get on like us.

music.. Pretty much anything, im not fussy.

what you at when not riding.. You can usually find me behind my camera taking snaps for a bit of cash, go check my website, www. joshbelcher. co. uk

thanks to anyone.. Everyone who has ever helped me out with stuf when i needed, all the the people who i call my freinds, you know who you are, and my family.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

interview 4..

Ray smith.. aka violent Ray, everyday Ray, Ray

age.. 32 yrs young

years riding.. 11-12 ..I think??

fav spot to ride.. Banbury, thats why I'm here after all!!!

Riding style.. super tech, anything that happens (normally fluke )

plans for this year.. ride loads, travel more, learn nothing fashionable!

what inspires you to ride.. inspires me? not so much inspiring but when I wake 1st thing going through my mind is new combo's, tech tricks line etc, while there fresh I need to get out and make it happen!

who inspires you?.. anybody who rides for fun / smile factor, some of Banburys locals, John, Ian, Baltie, little turner etc

describe your local scene.. amazing, so many cool people to ride with, not to many fashion idoits (one to many chaz's tho!!)

music.. trance, D&B, thrash metal, metal.. anything fast really

what you at when not riding.. playing with stuff with engines being with my family...

thanks to anyone.. my Family, my miss's, all who ride with me!

interview 3

Dan ibbetson.. aka ibbo

age.. 25

years riding.. 11

fav spot to ride.. fav spot guess darby storm r.i.p or romford,

riding style.. style hmm just a chilled slow speed rider

plans for this year.. plans well due to running a pub now that takes up far to much of my live so plans are to finish new bike and ride more, i may be getting older and i fuckin hurts when i crash now but i can't give up bmx its part of my life

what inspires you to ride.. impresses me. gotta say all these little kids that ride now when i started bmx was not even close to the stage that its at now. theres like 10 year olds doing flips n stuff

who inspires you?.. see above

describe your local scene.. scene. a good bunch of lads. got some fucked up shite going down that other riders will find crazy. welcoming to anyone who comes to ride with us. mates just good mates Punk . . rock, metal,.most of you know im in band as the front man. been doing that for bout 3 years now. and playing drums for well far to long, and im still shitemusics always been a part of my life playing it or just chilling with some cd's

what you at when not riding.. when im not rideing. well im probs workin its a tuff job but realy enjoy it, its not all about pulling pints of for ungreatfull people its a dam good crack though,and if not working then im probs doing some pa work or something to do with music.

interview 2

John Howkins.. aka dirty ..

age.. 16

years riding.. 3

fav spot to ride.. would have to be the local banbury good atmosphere and good park

riding style.. everything big n brakeless..

plans for this year.. to wait for the summer,ride loads and party and well leavin to college

what inspires you to ride.. seein other people ride..good weather web videos etc.. and just good times

who inspires you?.. who inspires you .. ray smith 4 helpin me with my bike and ridin etc ( editors note..NOT chaz mann).. takin me places urmm and lots of pros like mark webb, morgan wade ,chase ( not Harry) etc.. etc..

describe your local scene.. fun! urmm quite small,great atmosphere and great people in general again good times

music.. with music i duno depends what my mood is i like allsorts really.

what you at when not riding.. urmm just bein with my mates g n to partys etc..

thanks to my family and friends

interview 1..

Callum, aka Baltie..

age.. 16 + 3/4

years riding.. 4-5

fav spot to ride.. specsavers or the wall behind the musketeer pub

riding style.. tweaker (street killer brakeless 4 pegs)

plans for this year.. keep my bike 1 colour

what inspires you to ride.. watchin people go big

who inspires you?.. tom hanks

describe your local scene.. little rats and druggys on bikes

music.. hip hop, reggae

what you at when not riding.. chillin at college or chillin at home ...

thanks to anyone? thankyou to everyone!!