Thursday, March 30, 2006

New hub - choices...

I'm looking at replacing my rear hub for one of the following contenders. Any thoughts & comments would be most welcome :-)

Prolite Evolution Pro - £55

Proper - £65 (but not in that gay colour)

Odyssey - £70-75

They all weigh about the same, but I was also maybe thinking of going with a 13t freewheel set-up with something like a coalition mini-thread rear...?

Do your worst!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flat session tonight...

Meet at 2 level NCP @ Spiceball around 8pm...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

***Wheels for sale***

Requested by Alex Leech:
Wheels for sale - I got these Hazard lite, 36h rims from Empire USA just after Xmas. I got them to build the front one into a Vandero hub using black spokes and I was going to build the other rim onto my profile cassette hub so I have also got another set of 36 black spokes. They are completely unused but I’ve changed my mind and now want to get some Sun Big City lite rims. I think the rims are £45 each new and the whole front wheel is about £100 so I’m open to offers. I would even swap the Hazard rims for the sun rims and you can get them for £30 each.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Ratty Fest...

Heres a write-up & some foto's From KP's last Jam:


Well catching up here didn't take long! I was looking forward to joining in on some juicy threads but no such luck eh...

Post some lovely pictures for us soon then dudes!

PS: work sucks!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

bike for sale!!

alright this has got to go quickly
im accepting offers of aroung 50 quid..

21" FBM Old Boy frame
Black Pitchforks
Redneck light
tank headset
Slam bars
Odyssey lever
diacompe hombre u brake
odyssey cable
Flybikes front wheel with S & M trye
Profile cranks
Primo tenderiser pedals
toughneck sprocket
demolition seatpost
stevie wonder co. seat clamp
odyssey mini junior seat
Seventies rear wheel with Primo trye

any takers?
comment if u want it
otherwise its going to the recyclers....

cheers nick

Saturday, March 18, 2006

brake blocks

any one no if these are good blocks, cos im thinking of getting some....

Friday, March 17, 2006

Centre Parcs here I come...

I'm off on a break to CP next week so the blog is all yours, hopefully I will return to find you dudes have kept the show on the road ;-) Ray has temporary admin rights in case anything goes tits...

take it easy (I know I will be :-)

if you can check out ....think maybe even I'd have trouble justifying this one!

On The Clock...

From the Defgrip site...

'Glenn PP Milligan hooked up a hot one. An exclusive re-edit of the volume trailer just for Defgrip!'

Get the trailer here:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Street riders now design cycle path routes...

Photographic images...

Yo, heres a few pic's I took during a chilled out session at a local metal park, my good mate Ollie from uni, ripper...

See you all pretty soon...
Chaz x


Inspired by listening to 'Horny for Evil' as I type, I think you should track down the Skatenigs album 'Stupid People Shouldn't Breed'. It takes me back to when I used to ride with Sboy a lot & we had the best summer sessions. I put Mikey onto the Skatenigs & he loved them too. They had a second album 'What A Mangled Web We Weave', which isn't as legendary as SPSB but nevertheless quite good in its own right. You can find out some more info on 'Stupid People', listen to some samples & read some pretty cool reviews on it at the link below:

'Each ejaculation increases the death toll'

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robo Interview...


Defgrip has an interview with Robbie Morales, check it out, RM is a sound dude...

aaaghhhhh suelo brakes

yo Alex did you have any problems with your front suelo(flybikes) brake? coz mine fowls the forks really badly, ive got round it by spacing it with shimes and washers (but not an idea solution as it creates play) I run odyssey forks maybe thats the problem, the only other way I can see round it is to get the brass sleave machined down 1 1/2mm or so.....

Monday, March 13, 2006


Think you are ready to give BMX a try? Here is a basic BMX is extremely powerful once you have a basic understanding of the tool. When measurable design objectives exist, use BMX to find the optimum solution. The examples above are intended as a sampling of BMX functionality. Remember, anything you can analyze can be saved as an Analysis Feature in Pro/Engineer, including assembly analyses. For example, use BMX to solve component locations to satisfy COG constraints. Plus, with Pro/Engineer Wildfire, you can combine Pro/Mechanica results or dynamic Motion Analysis results in the BMX solution. BMX is design power for real world engineering problems. exercise to get you started............................................... how random?

Saturday sessions...

Oh dear, I hope Saturday isn't a sign of whats to come when the weather gets better! As those who where there on Sat will know, it was tarnished by the following:
Dumb-shit 14 year old girls, pissed up on Lambrini puking down the transition
Dumb-shit 14 year old boys having fires on the decks
world record attempt at the biggest congregation of stupid towny goons on the sub-box/ramp decks
in addition to the more seasonal problems:
Stones, mud & shit all over
damp ramps
cold weather
bah humbug

Sunday, March 12, 2006

l So you and your friends are at a draw. Your bike is as light as you can get it with all titanium and aluminum parts, and you’ve come to a standstill. Well if the function of your bike is no longer an issue, try these weight savers.
1. Lose your valve stem caps. What are they there for, anyway?
2. Peel off all stickers and frame decals. Your sponsors will understand when you start winning races.
3. Inflate your tires with helium. Slow leaks equal high voices and good laughs.
4. Remove your seat and replace it with a whoopee cushion. Confuse the enemy!
5. Cut down your number plate. Less weight means less numbers.
6. Cut off every other tooth on your sprocket, or every four if your really serious about not riding the thing.
7. Grease? Who needs it? Smooth parts are a small price to pay for precious grams.
8. Forget the conventional handlebar. Throw them in the trash and opt for a nice pair of mountain bike flat bars, cut ‘em down nice and slim.
9. No brakes means no drag. Full speed ahead, boys.
10. Drill out your frame and get creative with a hack saw. How strong does a bike have to be to stand up under its own weight?
11. Steal your little sister’s 16-inch wheels, and cut some of the lugs off of the tread of the tire while you’re at it. If she resists, trade her for your Ti-spoked Crupies.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

my first here are some pics of me : )

x-up at epic park
fakie air at the ghetto
tuck no hander over epic's jumpbox
no foot one hander of the ghetto jumo box

Friday, March 10, 2006

wimp out option...

Morning campers, well the weather forecast for el weekendo states SHIT weather again! if it is bad & riding isn't an option then you dudes are welcome to come over to my place Saturday PM for bmx DVD sessions & all the tea & coffee you can drink. I have the following on DVD but you can bring anything else you want to watch...
Matt Hoffman - head first
Ride On
Road fools 14
S&M please kill me
T1 - you get what you get
ANIMAL BIKE CO first 2 vids
Hopefully it will be OK to ride but if it ain't then give us a shout...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

just for you wilco

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New pedals...

After thinking long & hard on what pedals to go for, I had decided on the magnesium Wellgo MG1's for around £40.

A call to Broadribbs & the guy there said they had the Victim pedals which were the same pedal but with Ti axles. Well, a deal was cut & myself Ray & BK took a little trip up to get some new stuff :-)

The pedals are stupid light (280gms) & the studs are so agressive the hairs on my shins stand on end when I get on the bike! ha!

The Ti axles are nitride coated which helps to stop cold welding as Ti tends to fuse to other materials it is screwed into...
Might look into getting some shorter studs as my feet feel cold welded to the pedals! I have heard a few stories about people breaking these pedals but time will tell I suppose, I'm not into pedal stalls/tricks anyway so hopefully they will hold up fine...
Here's a piccy of them on the bike, also they are a perfect colour match to my Super* elect stem.
do any of the older lot remember this place or the ramp? I worked here when I was 14 or so, was into skateboarding but really sucked at it... the ramp was moved to a village called claydon and I beleive its stil there although unriderable

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random shots

Just a couple of pics of what I have to relax with, just a few minutes down the road, hard life eh?....

Chaz x


john on sunday after his fall - get well soon man!!

me invert on the trampoline (disco feet)- photo by ibbo

simon downside table

simon table

chris turndown - photo by craig

so a few photos from the weekend which i thought were cool
enjoy :)

nick x

Monday, March 06, 2006

Forgot one!

Shit! I've had soo many bikes that I forgot to put one into my history write up!!! Thanks to Ibbo for pointing this out to me, I put it down to consuming far too much doobie around this time & completely forgetting ownership happened :-\
Should you wish to waste some more time you can find the amended thread here:
& there is a write up about the DFX on archives, by myself, if your really bored :-)

My latest mods...

So I'll get the ball rolling, I added some screws to my pegs yesterday to stop them rotating. I used M5 countersunk head screws & washers & drilled & tapped the pegs no problems. No more peg rotation here then! (the fotos didn't come out very well so I didn't bother upping them)
Also soldered my flipping annoying frayed cable in my Gyro GTX & cut down my threaded posts on my rear brake block (well the side that fell off on Saturday anyway!)

BMX Modifications...

Well I thought we could get some good posts from stuff like this, I always find 'home improvement' on your bike a good thing, so why not post your own mods here (with fotos) to tell us all how you have lovingly made your ride all the better :-)
If you need a user account to do this, mail me at subversiveAThotmailDOTcoDOTuk or just mail me the write up & I will post it for you...
C'mon don't be shy!

Homebrew Chain Tensioner - release ver 1.0

OK an update, I never actually got to use the 'beta version' of my CT design because the other Saturday I woke at 6:30am with an idea for a brilliant replacement! Well, I thought it was good anyway...

I was thinking about the shape of the CT & realised that I already had just what I needed - the brake block fastener from an AD990 brake...

it was almost perfect for the intended purpose! all I had to do was tap a thread through the hole where the brake block post normally goes through. An M8 grub screw & locknut completed the job :-)

I also had to cut down the thread on the inside of the dropout & use a low profile nut to ensure clearance on the cassette cog. After a couple of sessions since fitting it, all seems to work fine.

Saturday sessions...

Well Monday soon comes around doesn't it!? Saturday was a good session, everyone seems to be riding better & better here's some random thoughts:

Gilroy - 360's to fakie on the mini
Nick - keep trying those tailwhips dude
Greg - new bike (very nice all white LAF) & riding all the better for it
Ibbo - good to ride with, we are on the same wavelength - should learn those stalled toothpicks over the volcano
Ray - nice tabled air over the hip
Chris - all too brief encounter
must dial my bike
winter sucks

Friday, March 03, 2006

Animal Bike Co pedals...

Steve Hamilton now has his own sig pedals out on ANIMAL BIKE CO, did you hear me you stupid english clothing company, I said ANIMAL BIKE CO, the rightful owners of the name ;-)

They come with the Griffen stencil so that you can graffiti it all over the place! nice one, but you should get an ANIMAL BIKE CO stencil too ;-)

Anyway you can get the full lowdown on them at:

ANIMAL BIKE CO rule by the way...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dreaming of warmer days...

It's so cold & nasty at the moment eh? What with temperatures dropping & utility bills rising, I'm looking forward to those days when you can go out on your bike without getting chapped lips, a dripping nose & frozen feet...

Here's a very old picture that captures that summer riding vibe perfectly...

have a nice day :-)

New tunes...

I have a thing about Juliette Lewis, I love seeing her in film, so maybe this is (slightly) biased...

Well apart from the numerous films she's starred in which include:
Cape Fear
Strange Days
From Dusk till Dawn
Natural Born Killers


...she also has a band called Juliette & the Licks.

I heard some of their stuff from a friend & quite liked it, it's american rock, straight up, I think JL has a good voice & it's quite tuneful stuff. They have a mini album called "like a bolt of lightning" which I picked up at the weekend & also a full length album called "you're speaking my language"

Couple of tracks worth downloading would be "got love to kill" & "I am my fathers daughter" if you should feel like checking Juliette out...

So what have you been listening to?

lunch break over.