Monday, January 30, 2006

Saturday - far too cold...

I never rode at the weekend so it was a 'stay in with some bike DVDs' type afternoon.
Watched the Flybikes DVD again with Sboy & BK, some old skool cats that don't frequent this blog much (hint hint) & thanks to Ray, Tom & Mikey (long time - no see) for coming around after that for an airing of Joe Kid... Shame a few more of you didn't come over, there's always plenty of tea in the pot... If anyone else wants a lesson in the history of BMX, JKOS style, let me know :-)
Here's something to get started with:

Homebrew Chain Tensioner - beta ver. 0.7

Well I didn't get to ride the bike at the weekend (got my fitness fix from 5 laps of Drayton's running track instead) so I decided I would have a crack at my idea for a replacement tensioner.

My existing tensioner, a Primo Venus, weighs about the same as my back wheel so it's gotta go, replaced with a little push screw affair that I fab'd at my pops place:

This 'test' version is made from ally, so I'm not holding out that it's going to last. I wanted to see if the idea would work for now...

I used the cut-out in the back of the dropout to screw the tensioner to the frame then drilled & tapped another hole for the screw to push the peg back in the frame.

I think that because of the amount the tensioner sticks out, the leverage on it will fuck it up sooner rather than later but it was fun to have a go at it. I am going to make a steel (or Ti if I can find some) 'L' shaped one next using the same design principals & I was also thinking about modding my peg so that the tensioner is built into that...
your thoughts...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Backyard jam on TV with firebrand song

Check out this if you can on the Ex channel. It's the backyard jam last year in brighton and its got a firebrand song on the soundtrack.

Monday 30th January16:00 Backyard Jam The 12th offering from this prestigious BMX comp from Brighton, featuring Britain's Jamie Bestwick, plus a world record attempt Bunny hop contest.


Tuesday 31st January17:30 Backyard Jam The 12th offering from this prestigious BMX comp from Brighton, featuring Britain's Jamie Bestwick, plus a world record attempt Bunny hop contest.

cheers Alex :-)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Something (stupid) for the weekend...


This is completely random & bizarre, so give me your best caption to the pic below:

1st prize:
Dave Mirra's 24k bike from his recent X-gaymes 1st place fix

2nd Prize:
Dave Mirra

3rd Prize:
Dave Mirra's 'snake-post' laid back seatpost off his 1989
Dyno Slammer (try running that 'slammed'!!!!)

let's 'ave it...
after ordering my new flat f&f (odyssey pro CHROME!! flat forks, fly simple frame....cheers to b.o.b) thoughts turned to replacin the bars, a lookie what I found... i've been looking for some old xposure groo V's for years now but no luck... bike company's should see sense and produce street, park V bars if only to give us a break from the same old 2 piece design, lets be honest V bars fuckin rule!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Al's new Fly/Suelo brakes...

Got this emailed to me & thought it would make a nice blog post so here goes;

"Following on from the blog conversation, here are some pics of the brakes. Check out how the rear brake has webbing behind the block but the front brake has it infront of the blocks. I think this is to keep the block safer from scuffing. Also see how the cable slot in the front brake is much longer so when it stradles from one side to the other there is clearance. They have made the front brake really close to the forks (again, for scuffing). This sometimes causes a problem with the fork crown hitting the brake so they provide spacer washers to extend your 990 mounts if you need to. There is also a real nice cable outer end that fits into the barrel part of the brakearm (either side). All very nice. Also check out the decal on the arms andsprings."

Cheers Alex.

Monday, January 23, 2006

FlyBikes flatland site...

Didn't know about this until today...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Anyone ride this park lately?

Got bad vibes off skateboarders last time I was there, but
that was a couple of years ago at least....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

now THAT'S a fucking Roadtrip!

I think we'll all get in the van :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mirra is starting own bike company

All for the love of freestyle....

Mirra is starting own bike company


Monday, January 16, 2006


Yea, so lack of internet at home means I aint been on for a while, gogo college "learning resource centre"!

Hope you goons had a good xmas/new years thing and shite, bring on the randomness......... I learnt 360 fakies t'other day, but lost 360 nosepicks, rubbish. Reese(or however you spell that) can allegedly do 540 nosepicks with a distinct lack of brakes, which is nice. Craig Stevens is no kind of diplomat, saturday night, when asked by angry towny geek "what are you laughing at?", he replied, still laughing "You, cos you're so livid." Coppers rolled up before blows could be exchaneged, which is fortunate, or not, depending on ya point of view. I have a fan club, partly online

but I want to get some "mikes groupies" tshirts made, and some membership cards, maybe a shitty website. And a few more hours in each day'd be good too.

If all goes according to plan, I'll be back in binbury at end of month, probably on the 25th, bleeding through are playing the zodiac on the 26th, so I wanna go to that. Karlos is coming up at around the same time, so, we'll probably rendezvous on the way and annoy people in first class!

Picture of the day...

that's the way to do it...

Saturday, January 14, 2006


If you are part of the local Banbury scene & you would like to contribute to our blog, please drop me an email at: subversiveAThotmailDOTcoDOTuk.

Nick you sould have yours by now dude.

Anyone riding the park Saturday???

weekends, you gotta love 'em!

Friday, January 13, 2006

VCD review: Shook - We Are Everywhere

Managed to get a copy of this (cheers Olly) & it is pretty good; most of the riding is street with some stupid stunts indeed! Ian Schwartz does some great backwards stuff (I have to say he was the standout for me in RF-14 too) most of the other riders I have not heard of but rest assured they all try to kill themselves in a ‘I’m going to dive over my bars onto my face, down that huge set of concrete steps’ stylee! The music was pretty much all forgettable, with some ‘fuck-fuck-muthafuck’ hip-hop tunes. The titles would probably get a bit of the old fast forward treatment after the first watch through but the camera work is quite inspired at times with some great & original angles. If you want to see some of the biggest rails being nailed & all manor of good tech/burly street riding from a large assortment of riders (that last smith-grind is crackers!) give us a shout & I’ll give you a lend ;-)


Craz1 has a nice collection of pics, here's one for the spank-bank...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

More Brake stuff...

Hey! this is a good page with LOADS of good tips on keeping your brakes well sorted...


what the fuck...Max (braking) Power does BMX

I don't think I've seen anything so utterly pointless as this, Brake blocks with LED's in the end that come on when you brake :-
As Charlie Brown would say 'good grief....'

I defy you to find anything worse!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Flat Bike Configurator...

this is cool, lists peoples bike setups & shows pics of all the components, we need this for street & ramp bikes too!

Now even Bob K could put in an appearance & make comment....

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cool pic...

This is from the attila bikes site:

Dig mag issue 50 has just hit the shelfes, inside is this advert from us, of Jimy Newrick. On the cover is our boy Paul Robinson, it's a pretty good issue with some old pics from Leeds in there, along with Jamie Duncans emo diaries.. There's also a huge poster with all the covers on there from issue 1-50.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

foto's from a few weeks ago...

OK, Ray tried to get these up before, thanks to him & hopefully this will sort it?!?

Thanks to Nick for taking the shots, respectively they are:

Chaz, flat, radio-active hubs!

some old goon, nose pick for Canada...

Steve Sumner(?) air on cold steel...

Ray, 540 hurricane, to the rim!

Let's get out again soon then...

ruben ruben ruben.............................what more can you say!!!!