Saturday, April 05, 2008

From BigD to Strowler - keeping the faith

With agent Khol being plagued with injuries of late, it was time to spark that fire again & get him a new build done. Most of the parts are from his KGB Psyconexion build we did in 06, so it all went together relatively painlessly.


Frame: Hoffman Bikes Strowler (KJ Sig) internal/Mid, 19.75”
Forks: KGB Space, 10mm, AD lugs
Stem: KGB Trap with gyro plate
Headset: Kink internal
Bars: KGB Sarvet
Bar ends: Inertia, aluminium
Grips: KGB Rhythm
Front lever: Odyssey modulever
Front cable: Nokon
Front brake: Odyssey Evolver
Seat: Odyssey 99'er
Seat post: Odyssey Intac
Seat clamp: Profile slim jim
Cranks: Profile, 160mm. Ti Chainring bolt
Crank spindle: Profile Ti, 19mm
BB: KHE, mid, 19mm
Sprocket: Quamen 25t
Chain: KMC Superlite cool
Pedals: Ares 88
Front tyre: KHE Lamello Skinwall (Tyre pressure =105 lbs)
Front rim: Araya Super 7X, 48h, Odyssey rim tape
Front spokes: DT Swiss
Front hub: Proper Magnalite, 10mm, 48h
Front pegs: Bizhouse Escalator
Rear tyre: KHE Lamello Skinwall (Tyre pressure =105 lbs)
Rear rim: Araya Super 7X, 48h, Odyssey rim tape
Rear spokes: DT Swiss
Rear hub: KHE Geisha street freecoaster, 14mm stubs, 48h, 11t
Rear pegs: Bizhouse Escalator