Friday, September 29, 2006

inter bike 2006

ok so here we have some leaked stuff from inter bike

sunday frame with ribbed (for your pleasure) down tube.

odyssey vandero II.

odyssey sprocket with guard.

colony levers.

odyssey new forks with no welded dropout.

I will post up some more stuff as I get it
more stuff here..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

were in the army now, wohuhoe were in the ar........

hey so I thought i'd show you my street bike
it is my old park bike with a jacked up seat, peg's and no brakes...


nearly all the riding picture's that I post are from our good friend Josh belcher,
Josh is always on hand to take footage and picture's,
often not riding himself so as he's able not to miss anything.....
thanks for your dediction Josh please keep up the good work

Thursday, September 21, 2006

my mate mini.......

one of our local's, mini smashed his back wheel up some 4-5 months ago, since then we've been trying to get him a proper wheel set ( 16" ) .....try as we might it has been near impossible..
then by chance, taking to Ian, he and his lad Jamie had decided to upgrade to a 20" leaving his 16" redundant.. 2+2 =4 if you catch my meaning..
while swapping parts about I also decided to give it a lick of paint..
frame/forks.. Hoffman bikes
bars.. commencal school
stem.. haro
grips.. odi longnecks
wheels.. haro 36 spoke
tyres.. ringworm bk/space invader ft
seat/post.. primo/odyssey intact
cranks.. 3 peice?
chainring.. shadow w/bashguard
pedals.. dmr v8
brakes.. tech77 lever/ flybikes u brake
mod's.. loads'n'loads.... ( nil really )
anyone who's seen little mini ride knows that he rip's.... really looking forward to seeing him at the park again..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Right attention all !!!!!

So.... Chatting to sunil today and it came about that we should all try and get together once more before the winter gets here.
Location.... Seeing as there's been a distinct lack of a visit to our now year old spine mini by the Oxford crew, I thought that Banbury should be the venue...
Date.... Well sunil said maybe Sunday ( that's this one coming ) I know that proberbly won't be possible at such short notice for some of you, so we need to get a date together.. Then keep our fingers crossed for the weather...
so, Ian, Sunil, crowman, Alex and just about anyone else who thinks they should be there get on and leave a comment so we can get this sorted....
for those of you who aren't familiar with our spine mine here's the spec's....
5' main ramp with hip, double coping spine, 6'wide volcano, 7' extension 3 1/2' sub box 10'wide..
and I'm sure you all know the other stuff we have here, so that's about it....
lets be avin yah then

Saturday, September 16, 2006

More new bits...

Yeah well, call me a hypocrite, see if I care! I know I said that these cost too much money; I know I said that lots of people have had 'issues' with them... Well after my last riding session, I knew I needed to do something about the hombre & the lack of stopping power.

An impulsive trip to Broadribbs & I came home with what I thought was a grey brake. When I got back & matched it up on my bike it was clear to see that it was, in fact, brown. I asked if they could get me a black or grey one & was told there was a long lead time on more stocks of fly brakes. So I indulged my Orange fetish & went with...more orange!

Took me some time to set the baby up but after a couple of hours and some bloody hands it was all ready to roll.

I'll update as soon as I have got to ride her again with my thoughts...

Without wishing to jinx my new brake, it appears to offer superior braking to the old Hombre & the dreaded 'duck-quacking' sound fx is only notable by its absence... yay!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fucking Rubbish

I tell you, some bike companies have come a long way over the years & in the changing face of BMX, a company has to stay ahead of the pack to stay successful.

At the other end of the spectrum there is SE bikes, what the fuck is going on at their HQ?!? Did they hand the design brief over to Kays catalogue or Argos R&D or something!?!?

To think back to how Awe struck we were over SE racing Quads, PK's, Floval Flyers etc of olde, this is a fucking travesty. Scott Breithaupt must be pissed...

The net result of blinkered, price-point marketing goons...

rant over

*update* here's the original Quad

Friday, September 08, 2006

fuck skateparks, street, vert or flatland... field sports is where its at

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Romford People Pics...

As before, all the following images were taken by Sboy, all credit to him for sorting them out for us...









Romford Park Pics...

Romford park is so good, shame it's taken me so many years to get there & ride...

Park Overview

All the following images were taken by Sboy, all credit to him for sorting them out for us...


Pay the man

Performance art




Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I swear that if I fell in a bucket of shit, I'd still come up smelling of rose's

this happened at about 10 mph.... now how often do you think
I do 10 mph!!!! not that often...... was gona go to epic today
( monday ) but changed my mind at the last minute.. how lucky..
think about what the damage would have been at 110 mph..
to the car and ME................. gota laugh ent ya

Monday, September 04, 2006

Baco IV revisited...

I remember these from Baco's early video, we actually put one together & it was soo hard to ride it... lots a fun tho, maybe we should get another one together & have a laugh at the park some time...?

from Flatlandfuel:

Get your Flatland Jedi skills locked down! Great tool for increasing balance, scuff and switch skills.

-Hoffman Momentum Pegs and Handlebar
-Hoffman Bikes super stem
-Haro Mega fork
-Primo V Monster skinwall 1.95 tire
-ZAC 30 48h 14mm alloy front wheel
-Revell grips
-No brake included but you can add one if you would like

V bars forever

the new fly bars are out........
and getting a right good slaging
off on bikeguide, I'm gona order
mine asap, then their off to the

Friday, September 01, 2006

ooohhhhhh no..... she ain't gona be appy'

got this from a bikeguide link.... crazy, some of the BG boys are slating it already, I think its great, not from the weight side of it but from the fact it must have been a real engneering challange .... fair play eastern!


why the hell haven't I thought of this!!!!!