Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Check this out....

Sunil 'Sboy' Shah has got his new photography site up & you need to go check it out:

'Creativity and expression were the common denominators here and freestyle provided this vent in the form of a 20" bicycle. Performing stunts on a bike is pure heaven and features heavily in this life.'


Friday, January 05, 2007

Thoughts for another year...

Firstly, Happy New Year to BMX bicycle riders everywhere!

So, what with 2006 all but a fading memory, I was thinking about what I wanted to achieve as far as BMX is concerned in 2007. Could these be considered as resolutions? Who cares?!

  • Visit Combe bowl one summer evening with a bunch or friends, I didn't make it there (at least with a bike) in 2006 so its well overdue.

  • Make the pilgrimage to ROM again. That was a great trip last year & I definitely want to go again, I have about 20 years to make up for!

  • Learn those no footed nose manuals that I've been ripping my sack off trying, for the last few sessions(ish)

  • Make the effort to ride as often as is possible whilst trying to hold down a 'full-time-life'

  • Watch a modern BMX video with NO tail-whips in it at all - yeah right!

  • Build up a flat bike... maybe?

  • Build a new front wheel for my Mosca, I've had that Alex rim for 'kin years so I might even bite the bullet & try out a 36 spoke build!?

  • Build a street spine with Rayo (hint hint)

  • Take some photos for this damn site...

Hope you enjoy your '07 too dudes - cheers