Saturday, January 19, 2008

RADBMX-Corby-10th Jan 2008...

Bit slack on the up take, I know, but what a great way to start the year! Over a month has flown by since the Xmas doo & again we were a bunch of excited kids chomping at the bit to get out & ride ;-)

Alex drove us this time round & Ray took up some of his crew up in his motor. A good chin wag ensued as usually I don't get to say a lot to Al, as we are always busy riding our bikes so it was good to catch up. Soon as we got there the usual butterfly's hit (they always do - go figure?) & we were chucking front wheels back on & scrambling for shelter inside. We signed on the dotted, paid our dues & we were in to meet some other Raddies & after several introductions we were away.

First impressions of the park were favourable with a ton of options it was difficult to know where to start but we went with the bowl behind the mini. This thing is nice & smooth & you could spend all day just riding that & never get bored. But there was a whole park to use so we gradually made our way around the place & got a feel for what was on offer...

The day went pretty fast (as these things always do) & everybody seemed to be having a blast, I'm still not sure who half of the RAD crew are & I will hopefully get around to proper introductions & conversation in the future but they are all a sound bunch of BMXers ;-)

Milks snapped a few fotos:

Alex & CBCL made Toothbonks on the oververt

Milks carved the bowl with mucho speed & made some sweet footplants to fakie, I learnt disaster to nosepick & made 360 Canadians again, Alex made some good nosepicks on the wedge/sub thing in the bowl & nailed some other great stuff & Ray had to take Craig to A&E :-(

We got well lost going home without Ray to follow so plenty more conversation flowed...

Great day & already booked & looking forward to the next one, 23rd Feb, where with luck, Sboy should be with us!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

So that worked out then...

I was reading some post on RADBMX site & remembered that I had posted about new years resolutions around this time last year. I checked the list I had made to see how many of these illusive goals I had achieved...

Answer: ZERO

SO, my single new years rez for this time around is: