Thursday, April 27, 2006


How long would it take to empty this bowl?!?! I think it would be worth spending a day doing just that, sleep in the bowl & session it all day the following day :-)

Obviously they hadn't discovered the concept of drainage!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

JC's blog...

I like Jim C & he has a blog up which has some good reading about what's going on with Sunday...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ghost park...

It was quite bizarre rolling down to the Banbury park on Saturday, I'd managed to convice BK that it was quiet (well it was when I drove past earlier) enough for him to get a bit of flatland riding in whilst I exhausted myself on the curves (sounds nice ;-). So we arrive at the park & it's completely empty.... save for a few scumbags sat on the 7' drinking lambrini. I know there was talk of an Oxford visit but I didn't get in touch with anyone until I saw Alec on his way to the train station at around 3pm. So we just stayed at home & sessioned as usual. I was trying 50-50's on the sub-box & this young guy turned up & decided to have a go at them too. He ended up falling off the side of the ramp about 10 feet onto his back...don't think he enjoyed that very much & get well soon bud :-

With the imminent prospect of better weather (maybe) I find myself wanting to ride more & more, planning a midweek (well Thursday) trip to OWP...

PS: has Ray emigrated???

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Feeling it...

Another Wednesday night session! what is going on? I don't ride this much... Well when i got home last night after charging back & forth across that spine countless times, I was, in the purest form, fucked! It must have been lack of recovery from the miles Sunil & I did on our Sunday morning MTB get-together. Whatever, I'm feeling it, whilst strangely, wanting to get back on the ply again today :-) Make the most of your boundless energy reserves kiddies, it don't last forever...
Nice to see Chaz back in Banbury & also catch up with Bob Jones a bit. Maybe the 'Owl Quiz' should be on my list of 'evenings entertainment' in the near future...? Would be nice to see Davey-boy again...
Hope to see some of you Saturday then (weather permitting) where's that Pasta/Yoga DVD???
Here's a random picture

Monday, April 10, 2006

No time for BMX

Saturday was spent at Santa Pod last weekend. It was a great day & we saw some very quick motors. Plenty of TVR's in attendance in addition to top fuel dragsters, funny cars, jet powered dragsters & super modded street cars.... all good, here's some pics:

Escort Mk1 cossie

US Muscle


10'000hp jet car

Funny car

TVR Griffs burn out

Top Fuel

If you haven't been to Santa Pod before & you like cars, get your butt over there, it rules!

PS: take a coat - it's freezing!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

'till the sun goes down...

Managed to squeeze in a mid week session last night. Having not ridden for a couple of weeks or so, I was chomping a' la bit to get out again :-)
Good to see some of the old crew out & riding, props to Thom, Sam K, Dan & Bob Mawle, always nice to see all those guys again. Thom & I agreed we should do another roadtrip with all the 'old' Banbury crew ;-) something like ROM would be too cool me thinks...?
Also suprised to see that John kid, who recently broke his CB, out & riding as usual!
Stevie Sumner now rocking a Fit S3 & very nice it is too, you have too much money dude :D
Sunny days, you gotta love 'em...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It struck me that this foto has a bit of historic trivia in it...

who is the rider?
what frame is that?
who made those forks?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More hubs...

I quite like the look of this hub, having wanted a freecoaster for a few years but holding back due to the fact that there hasn't been one worth buying IMHO :-)

Made by KHE & retailing for £99, I don't like the fact it comes in 9t & 10t only(?) & the colour isn't too good but it does look to have some good ideas incorporated into it....


I had a weird dream last night, I had won £2000 on the lottery (fuck my luck) & for some bizarre reason I had spent money on purple parts to go on my orange bike, yuck! It looked like one of those gay-bikes off forums :-\
One thing that I had bought in the dream was a new freecoaster hub & I was doing backwards nose wheelies for ever :-) I don't usually dream about doing tricks that I can't about you?