Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chacombe - 1st of the year...

Mikey & I dusted off our bad backs & went for a quick session up to Chacombe this evening. It was good to get back on the ramps as neither of us had ridden since the RAD doo back in Feb!? There were a handful of bladers there whom pretty much went off to smoke their shit as soon as we turned up so we had the place to ourselves, as is the norm at Chacombe.

I've been riding my Kona to work since the improvement in the weather to try to get some fitness back so I pretty much just took it steady really as I'm also still getting into my new ride & was a bit rusty. It's surprising how darn cold it was sat up on the decks but we had a nice little session indeed & it's always good to catch up with friends you don't see that often.

Even some local girls gave us a smile when they left :-)

good vibes...

Monday, May 12, 2008

FlyBikes Campillo bike build...

Finally got the Campillo built after months of preparation! Real happy with how it turned out although there's one or two little bits to change yet...


Frame: 2008 Fly Campillo, 20.2”
Forks: Odyssey pro dirt, 14mm, brake lugs
Stem: Super**** elect
Headset: FSA impact internal 45/45, carbon spacer
Bars: Odyssey civilian svelte, hi-rise
Bar ends: home brew, aluminium
Grips: Union 'eat shit'
Front lever: Odyssey modulever OE
Front cable: Clarkes outer, stainless inner
Front brake: Suelo
Rear lever: Odyssey modulever OE
Rear upper cable: Modulever, odyssey linear outers
Gyro: Odyssey GTX
Rear lower cable: Oryg dual, odyssey linear outers
Rear brake: FlyBikes, koolstop eagle claw II salmon pads
Seat: Macneil fat capitol, Knight Ti bolt
Seat post: Macneil
Seat clamp: Built in
Cranks: Primo hollowbites, 175mm
Crank spindle: BSD Ti, 22mm
BB: Super****, spanish, 22mm
Sprocket: Tree Bicycle Co 'Lite' 28t
Chain: KMC Pintle Halflink
Pedals: Victim, magnesium, Ti spindles
Front tyre: KHE premium street Mac2
Front rim: Sun Rhynolite XL, 36h, velox rim tape
Front spokes: Prolite feather, double butted, alloy nipples
Front hub: Prolite evolution, 14mm, hollow axle, 36h
Front pegs: T1 ramp x2
Rear tyre: KHE premium street Mac2
Rear rim: Odyssey 7ka, 48h, velox rim tape
Rear spokes: Prolite Feather, double butted, alloy nipples
Rear hub: Odyssey reloader, 14mm, 48h, 10t, Knight Ti nuts
Rear pegs: Macneil fashionably light x2

Weight: Lighter than my last...

Brake noodles used for lower cable bends from gyro stops.

Big thanks to:

Alex @ Cromoly distro in Spain for supplying the frame
(no thanks to IMG)
Kevin Porter @ FlyBikes for the assistance in sourcing the frame
Pat @ Flatlandfuel for the marvelous deals - via BobK
Dan @ cyclesport for the good service