Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ian for you .... ti weights....

ody std driver = 153.3 g
ti version = 73.3 g
macneil std seat bolt = 33.3 g
ti seat bolt = 20.4 g
ody std wheel nut 14mm = 22.7 g x2
ti wheel nut = 9.4 g x2
ody std vandero cone nut = 28.8 g x2
7075 t6 cone nut =7.2 g x2
ody std wheel nut 10mm =18.3 g x2
ti wheel nut 10mm =7.1 g x2
ody std washer 14mm =8.2 g x2
ti washer 14mm =2.0 g x2
ody std washer 10mm =7.0 g x2
ti washer 10mm =1.0 g x2
ody std 14mm axle =184.0 g x2
ti axle (bsd) =101.4 g x2
std loophole barend bolt =7.0 g x2
ti bolt =2.4 g x2
std dragonfly lever bolt =5.2 g
ti bolt =3.5 g
std 6mm washer =1.3 g x2
ti washer =0.4 g x2
std 6mm nut =3.6 g x2
ti 6mm nut =1.2 g x2
so there you have it.... is it worth it?
proberbly around £350 spent on ti
replacement products.
god how anal am I for weighing all this lot!!
see if anyone can work out how much weight
has been saved ? ( don't forget to double up on x2's)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

holy shit...

Jimmy Levan...

no words required....

cheers to Ray for the heads up on this.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


anybody who knows me, knows my fetish
for Titanium, so I'd thought I'd give you an
insight into some of the ti stuff I've got
for my new build so far.........
the plan is to have no steel bolts/nuts or
steel axles at all on the new bike..........
so if any knows where to get 1/4" unc ti
bolts ( 30mm long) from please let me know
coz I need 5 and then that'll be my aim

Friday, July 14, 2006

Strawberry Jam...

Just a flyer I made for the jam, might look a bit shady but took me ages hahaha! Hope you all like it!

See everyone soooooon!
Chaz x

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

nagging women

Now, me 'n' the miss's have been
having abit of a "loud" discussion
about our down stairs toilet...
she believes that I'm being
Now, I would keep them in the
sheds.. but I have 3 cars, 2 of which are
"work in progress's" so the sheds are full
of parts I will proberbly never use!!
so the next logical place would be?...
the down stairs toilet, right..
(I mean, why do we need 2 toilets?)
so boys I need your help on this one,
please post your comments of support
stating that this "IS "prefectly normal
and YES I do need all these bikes...
coz we can't let,'um win now can we!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bike Check - Subversive 'project SlimFast'...

Well my project is more or less complete, so it's time for foto's & specs. My reasoning behind doing this was, as the post title would suggest, to make my bike lighter. I think I have dropped somewhere in the region of 10lbs & lightened my wallet by significantly more than that. I'm not as fucked after going out riding now & have really enjoyed the project. I still want to make some changes to the cranks & the rear brake, which will follow in due course...


Frame: Fly Mosca, 2005, internal/spanish, 19.8”
Forks: Odyssey pro dirt, 14mm, AD lugs
Stem: Super**** elect
Headset: FSA impact internal 45/45, carbon spacer
Bars: Odyssey civilian svelte, hi-rise
Bar ends: home brew, aluminium
Grips: Odyssey gedda II’s
Front lever: Odyssey modulever OE
Front cable: Clarkes outer, Odyssey linear inner
Front brake: Diatech hombre
Rear lever: Odyssey modulever OE
Rear upper cable: Modulever, odyssey linear outers
Gyro: Odyssey GTX
Rear lower cable: Oryg dual, odyssey linear outers
Rear brake: Diatech hombre, koolstop eagle claw II salmon pads
Seat: Macneil capitol, Knight Ti bolt
Seat post: Macneil
Seat clamp: Profile slim jim
Cranks: Primo hollowbites, 175mm
Crank spindle: BSD Ti, 22mm
BB: Super****, spanish, 22mm
Sprocket: Animalbikes lite 36t
Chain: KMC 510h
Pedals: Victim, magnesium, Ti spindles
Front tyre: KHE premium street
Front rim: Alex supra A, 48h, velox rim tape
Front spokes: Prolite
Front hub: Prolite evolution, 14mm, hollow axle, 48h
Front pegs: T1 ramp x 2
Rear tyre: KHE premium street
Rear rim: Odyssey 7ka, 48h, velox rim tape
Rear spokes: Prolite
Rear hub: Proper magnalite cassette, 14mm, 48h, 13t, Knight Ti nuts
Rear pegs: T1 ramp x 2

Weight: TBC

Chain tensioner
Brake noodles used for lower cable bends from gyro stops.

Ray - for all the help with parts & advice
BK - for the FF orders
JD @ Cyclone
Dan @ Cyclesport
Sheepdog - for the brake tips

Thursday, July 06, 2006

20 odd years in the making !!!!

dog with two dicks or what !!

this is my top speed readout....
don't seem like alot, but trust it feels like
a 100mph on this thing..
the brakes are SHIT ..
it handle's like my mum's shopping bike..
and looks like an extra from the movie Tron..
but can't beat that feeling as you blast down
the road in top gear ( its a three speed )
blasting out the sound effects..
my neighbours were pissing themselfs
last night as I tore up and down the street
on it blasting out the different sounds.....
Fuckin awsome !!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Got myself a pair of the new KHE premium tyres (street versions) & had a little session @ the park last night to test them out. Fuck do they roll fast! first run I was out of control & nearly ended up in a heap... I'm not used to running too high pressures in my tyres, my Primo Walls have been ran around 50 psi for the last god-knows-how-many years & it took a few runs to get used to the difference. I put 75psi in them (they will take 120psi) & with the smooth centre tread on the tyre itself I was having to 'pump' a lot less to achieve the same results...

Being Kevlar beaded they saved around 1.5lbs in weight on my bike & lightened my wallet by £40 for the pair. People have said about the sidewalls blowing out on them so time will tell if they are up to the job :-)

This upgrade about completes my project & I will post pics & specs of the complete bike soon...