Monday, July 30, 2007

Hands up who was there...?

This has to rank as one of the best comps we ever went to!?

KOC - 1993
Krt owned that mini ramp, the Standard army dominated & Team Sano debagged anybody within spitting distance!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Paul Osicka

Friday, July 06, 2007

New camera+new back wheel=pics!

I got a shiny new digital camera off of ebay, partly courtesy of people giving me money for managing to stay alive another year, partly because I have a job that pays me more than £12 a month, and partly because I've got an awesome girlfriend who's willing to give me access to her credit card. She'll learn!
Camera is a Ricoh GR digital, and although I have yet to do anything major with it, it seems really cool, like full manual controls you don't have to go through 12 menus to get to, wide angle lens(21mm!), and a nifty continuous mode thing where it blasts 16 pics in about 2 seconds, which I'm sure will be most entertaining. And a hair over 8 Super EXXXXTEEEME!!! MEGA PIXELS. Or something. Hopefully now I'll get back to taking more pictures, because it's been a while since I shot anything other than bikes not moving, or family crap. I do have about 14 rolls of film still to get developed though, and I'm pretty sure there's some fgood stuff on there somewhere. And for once I'm not exaggerating on the numbers, I really do have a lot of used up film.
Anyway, I used the new camera to take a couple of pics of my bike, complete with Ian's old back wheel(cheers dude!).

Only differences from the last check are the new wheel(proper hub on a 7KA, 13t driver, 48 spokes), a few less links of chain hooking it up to a 36t T1 sprocket that was free, and I might have to paint. The attila stem also shit the bed, stripping the two bolts at the front, leading to wobbly bars syndrome at epic the other week. Rubbish. Back to the Redneck then! Also I think I have less paint and more dirt. And a fishing rod.........
The axle has a groovy allen key hole in one end too. Not sure why only one though :/