Thursday, October 26, 2006

my stable ..

seeing as all three are now vitally how I want them I thought i'd share them with'ya in all there glory...

each one gets riden at least twice aweek if not more..

top to bottom

street killer (gets ridden the most at the mo)

park bike..

flat bike..

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yooooooooooooo. Just a bit bored so thought I'd post up some exciting news from Bournemouth. So whats been going on I hear you I started back at uni this week, although I can't be fucked its quite good to get the old brain ticking again after a long time of riding lots n partying hard! Plus got some dope options this year, which might actualy get a bit more interesting...

Been riding a fair old bit the past 2 weeks, had some real good sessions at the new concrete park, and at good old Slades Farm. Been riding with the 5710 clothing lot a fair bit, real motivating riding with a group of guys who are ridculous and so diverse in they're riding. From pegless trail flow and style, to brakeless street ridiculousness, to shit like whip - ice - 27o in on 1/4's! Its like spectating at Backyard every other session pretty much, and makes you wana ride harder all the time.

Gave the old bike a lick of paint this morning, looks quite dope i thought, something new, might give the frame a dabble some time too.

Go to and check out a crash of the day vid from a coupla weeks back of a rider in a pool in dorste England or something like that. Thats me old mate Goggles, hes a ruler and has been off for 3 months, came riding first time back the other day which was real cool. heres a random pic of him not loving the camera, hes got the scar on his arm from 9 operations in 5 days! Mental crash, and then go contemplate how much you want me to take you to the pool shown in that vid! Oh yeh aparently Ash is in the new ride airing that pool for some more cheeky footage but I haven't seen Ride? So peep that.

Right I'm done talking for now, so I'll try n add some more updates some time with good pics. Plus I'm trying to sort out a little photography/randomness site of me own so I'll keep that fresh if it happens. Heres a few random pics for your viewing pleasure... First off we've got Ollie Gun aka Dangerous Dave Dileward aka dave Gunshot with a banging opo moto over a real good box at a park we discovered a few miles away with some good hips.

Secondly here is me mate Goth Luke from Croydon sending a dialled T down at his local, this guys rad, and loooooooooose as that. Thats lots of o's. This was from a trip we took there for a few days early summer, during June.

Heres one of Olly under his Dave Gunshot alias, cos this tables like BOOOOOM! Down the Farm some time in summer.

And finally, a great example of a rad dude I almost definetely would never know were it not for bikes that are to small. Greg is a ruler on and off the bike, one of my favourite people in the world ever. 6 months in Scotland is a bit rubbish but hes a commited man these days. definetely guna be missed hard by all. Greg rules - fact. Here he twists his signature amazing X up, he does them the best ever. Banbury box, taken Seotember 11, never forget.

If you've read to here, your nuts! Hope everyones good, miss you boys and girls more than words could say, road trips down, sort it (cough...RAY!....cough)! Take care everyone, n I'll try n get some more pics up some time. Peace out. xxxxx

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BK's latest ride...

So agent K gets yet another bike! After hooking up with the KGB guys in Singapore this year, Bob came home with a suitcase full of their latest stuff.

I was responsible for most of this build & completed it last night, all went together without any issues & looks nice & clean with just a front brake set-up.


Frame: KGB Psyconexion internal/Euro, 18.6”
Forks: KGB Space, 10mm, AD lugs
Stem: KGB Trap with gyro plate
Headset: Kink internal
Bars: KGB Sarvet
Bar ends: Inertia, aluminium
Grips: KGB Rhythm
Front lever: Odyssey modulever
Front cable: Nokon
Front brake: Odyssey Evolver
Seat: Odyssey 99'er
Seat post: Odyssey Intac
Seat clamp: Profile slim jim
Cranks: Profile, 160mm. Ti Chainring bolt
Crank spindle: Profile Ti, 19mm
BB: Diamondback, euro, 19mm
Sprocket: KGB Trilogy 26t
Chain: KMC Superlite cool
Pedals: Ares 88
Front tyre: KHE Lamello Skinwall (Tyre pressure =105 lbs)
Front rim: Araya Super 7X, 48h, Odyssey rim tape
Front spokes: DT Swiss
Front hub: Proper Magnalite, 10mm, 48h
Front pegs: Bizhouse Escalator
Rear tyre: KHE Lamello Skinwall (Tyre pressure =105 lbs)
Rear rim: Araya Super 7X, 48h, Odyssey rim tape
Rear spokes: DT Swiss
Rear hub: KHE Geisha street freecoaster, 10mm stubs, 48h, 11t
Rear pegs: Bizhouse Escalator


Custom red anodised Geisha freecoaster

Monday, October 09, 2006

in my mind this is way over due.. Ian ripping it this week, he did a gap out of the double coping spine to nose pic on the volcano and it looked amazing.... nice one Ian & good work on the pic's Josh b........

Thursday, October 05, 2006

random bordom...

Did someone manage a sneaky session inside
the cargo hold of Thunderbird 2??

Could be...

midweek - park - session...

Dear diary

Managed to sneak an hour of riding in after work on Wednesday, pretty glad I did too, as staring out of my (broken) office window today, the rain is relentless…

Having not ridden for a week or so I was chomping at the bit to get back to the park for some BMX. Ray is usually in attendance & today was no exception so it was all systems go for a good time. I couldn’t get my Canadians going at all so my plan to try to learn them over the spine was put on hold for now, Ray was doing his ‘hard-enough-to-say-let-alone-do’ tricks with the usual boundless energy! 360 to pedal pick to 270 out… nice one. I made some olde-skool stuff which is always fun & almost got 270 to smith on the 7’ – next time… Craig was about but sans BMX!?

All in all, a good little mission accomplished.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

kevin porter

yeah so kp has meant to have a frame and parts in the work's...leaked
by me..

Monday, October 02, 2006

Could it be true...


Saturday PM & the crew are at BK's, just the usual, hook up & talk BMX whilst the rain falls...

Well one of Bob's (many) project bikes is coming together & of course I got to play wheel-smith & build his new wheel-set. I have built quite a few wheels now & I wanted to share with you, the web site that I found to be a great resource on the art of wheel building.

Sheldon Brown's web page has all you need to know about wheel builds, it's not BMX specific but it has some great nfo. You can be lacing those hoops up in no time! More than anything, I get a great sense of accomplishment by doing the job myself.