Friday, June 30, 2006

Thursday night @ OWP...

Morning dudes

I was really looking forward to getting out & riding last night but on the whole it didn't go down all that well, I was disappointed with my riding, I couldn't get my shit together at all & was frustrated with the state of the ramps. I hope OWP get something sorted soon... I think the other guys got some 'attitude' from the skaters too, so it could have been a better night.

On the + side it was nice to see some faces I hadn't seen for a while (Tim, Darryl, Geoff & some others who's names I don't know) even though we didn't get to speak much...

I think the rest of the Banbury crew certainly 'put some good shit down' & some of the Oxford boys were getting it on too...

Even my fotos came out shit, but here's a couple anyways...

John learned Fufanu's:

Ray pedal sliding:

Sorry Craig, I didn't get one usable foto of you, rest assured you lot all rode good.
It was a good trip down & back, just talking about riding, the good ole days & life in general which is always an enjoyable part of any road trip...
Combe then!?!?!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I remember these from when I was a kid of about 7-8 yrs old,
they were on some kids saturday morning show.
bit of a gimic, but when your that age things like
this blow you away..
I wanted one so bad but my dad was like NO! I can buy a car for
what they cost, some spoilt rich kid up the road got one,
and totally trashed it in a few weeks....
this ones on ebay, thinking of getting it just coz
I didn't have one when I was younger.
this is proberbly my second oldest memory of BMX,
first being all the BMX beat & kellogs kickstart ( think thats
what it was called?) programmes on a saturday morning,
great memories

more mk

as I promised more from our trip
big props to Jon & chris as these boys never hold back
( infact chis showed how much I think to much
before I do things and how it holds me back...
i.e wall ride down 8 or so steps!!! )
props to chaffe.... fuck he's fast round a track
awsome seeing him nailing over the triple...
dillan for nailing a massive feeble to smith
craig for the awsome whip out the ditch
gillroy for the sweet little tyre slide in the ditch
and poor okie drop to manule to hop up ...
or to nose dive to bar stab....oouch
proper good day

mk road trip

Monday, June 26, 2006

Gyro Mod...

Well here goes with another mod (is this the beginnings of some kind of bizarre addiction!?!?)

I had the problem of cables fraying on my Gyro GTX so here's how I cured it...

OK, I removed the gyro from the bike & noticed that the underneath side of the top cable anchor point is already countersunk to seat the cable nipple & stop it popping out. Seeing as I use a custom cable length, I dont use this & just clamp the cable down with the grub-screw & then cut it & file it flush with the bottom side. Of course this causes the cable to fray & rip my fucking jeans...

So, using 3 special 3mm 'slot' drill bit ( a normal drill bit will more than likely shear when you start to drill into the slot) I drilled through from the countersunk side to open out the slot.

Next I got two 3mm 'short' size rivets & removed the 'pin' parts leaving the alloy heads. the hole in the rivet head is perfect for the cable & just slides onto the cable & up into the drilled out hole. The flange part of the head sits snug against the underside of the gyro.

After tightening up the grub-screws, I cut off the excess cables (not before the bars spinning & the excess scratching the top tube - doh!) & filed them flush.
Here's the pics:

I'm pretty happy with how it worked out & have had a couple of sessions on it, so far so good...
Thanks to my Dad for the technical expertise as usual ;-) & finally got my own camera sorted so the pics came out a treat (macro function is the shit!)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

simple brake mod

here is my little brake mod which has removed nearly all spongy'ness from my brake....

step 1: pull your lever and measure across the straddle cable next to the hanger

step2: take an old spoke and cut it to the required length+ 20mm

step 3: bend a hook at both ends so your left with your required length on the inside of the hooks

step 4: slide on to your staddle and push it up to the hanger................

and there you have it, simple yet effective mod

Friday, June 23, 2006

They say real ale sends you loopy...

a variation of the backwards bar-press...?

Obviously trying hard to pick up that elusive shoe sponsor :-)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bike Check - S BOY

Back to the bike:

Frame - FIT Flow series 20.5"
Forks - Sunday Morning, 10mm
Headset – internal
Stem – Fly Bikes Malaga
Bars – BSD Sleazy Bars
Grips – Animal Edwin De La Rosa sig
Lever -Dia Compe Tech 77
Bar Ends - Animal
Cranks - Primo Powerbites 175mm
Sprocket – BSD 36t
Pedals - wellgo
Chain – KMC
Front Wheel – Odyssey Hazard lite, Odyssey Vandero 10mm
Back Wheel - Odyssey Hazard Lite, Odyssey Cassette hub, 13t driver
Tires - Fly Bikes Ruben
Brakes - Hombre rear
Brake Cable- Odyssey linear slic
Pegs – Animal lite (2)
Seat & post – Fit Seat and Coalition seat post
Seat Clamp - Odyssey
Modifications – Have gaffer taped the brake cable to the top tube....looks well trick

I rode it last week and it was awesome, am super stoked on it. Cheers to Ian, Alex and John for all their help. S.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bike Check - Alex Leech

Here's the full list and some pics I just took:

Frame - S&M LAF, Black, 21"
Forks - S&M Pitch, 990, Black
Headset – Campag
Stem – S&M Redneck XLT Black
Bars – BSD Sleezy Bars, Black
Grips – S&M
Levers - Odyssey Medium
Bar Ends - ally generic
Cranks - Profiles with BSD ti Spindle
Sprocket – BSD 28
Pedals - S&M DX style
Chain – Loophole
Front Wheel – Odyssey Hazard lite, Odyssey Vandero 10mm
Back Wheel - Odyssey Hazard Lite, Odyssey Cassette hub, 10t driver
Tires - Revenge
Brakes - Fly rear, suelo front
Brake Cable - 1664 Linear Death
Pegs – Kink lite (2 at the moment)
Seat & post – MacNeil
Seat Clamp - S&M

Modifications – Apart from the PTFE tape on the rear brake, not a damn thing!