Monday, July 14, 2008

Few bits...

Not posted for a good while & did some tinkering with the Campillo today so thought I'd do a blog entry for a change...

I wasn't getting on with the tensioners that Fly include with their frames so I took them off. After a session at Corby this week my wheel slipped a bit & I decided I did need at least one tensioner on there after all. My wheel is quite slammed in the frame (oooh look at you!) & it's a bit of a pain to get the wheel out without major surgery of some description. One thing that bugged me concerning the chain tensioners was that, the screw that holds the tensioner to the drop out, sticks out on the outside & interferes with the peg when you push the wheel up towards the BB. I filed off the excess screw that sticks out so that it's now nice & flush to the outer edge of the drop out. This was done in a vice, not in situ ;-)

Just another little detail that's no longer playing on my mind. Here's how the tensioner is positioned on the chain side, fits just nice now!

I've heard that some people have had issues getting these to fit on different hubs so I'm glad that wasn't the case here. After a check over & a little more dialing in, it's good to go for the next session. I picked up some foam cleaner which is real good for removing oily marks from the white frame, now she'd pass the Daz Doorstep Challenge any day!

I also pulled the old Mosca out of the shed today as I want to get rid of her. I cruised up to the local motor factors on my beach cruiser (blog to follow soon) to pick up some paint stripper & after an hour or three I had the back end relatively clean. Shit job stripping frames & I got pissed off with doing it so I left it at this for another day.


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