Monday, March 13, 2006

Saturday sessions...

Oh dear, I hope Saturday isn't a sign of whats to come when the weather gets better! As those who where there on Sat will know, it was tarnished by the following:
Dumb-shit 14 year old girls, pissed up on Lambrini puking down the transition
Dumb-shit 14 year old boys having fires on the decks
world record attempt at the biggest congregation of stupid towny goons on the sub-box/ramp decks
in addition to the more seasonal problems:
Stones, mud & shit all over
damp ramps
cold weather
bah humbug


Blogger violent Ray said...

got a meetin this week with the police and the council at some point will try and stop this, but , I think the best way is for us to dominate the ramps and make it hard for them to get on it, not vice versa, plus when we get them just walking through the skatpark like" were hard coz we can walk through these bikers an they will stop coz were hard" type shit, drop in n plow into the fuckers,everyone of us, trust me time and time again I've done this and it works every time, 10 1/2 stone of muscle 24 lbs of metal vs 8 stone pisshead, stoner....... no fuckin contest!

5:43 PM  
Blogger subversive said...

haha! topps Ray! thats a plan then, just land on the little fucks... "How you like the taste of my ANIMAL BIKE CO chainwheel baich!?!?"


6:23 PM  

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